The Queen of Kefalonia

Aristocratic, sparkling, luxurious, fascinating, unique! Regina Dell’ Acqua Hotel is the Queen of Kefalonia and her rooms are the jewels to her crown. To offer the utmost in hospitality, every effort has been made. From the luxurious marble floor of the reception hall to the last detail in every room and suite, there was one intention: Our guests should feel like the guests of a Queen!

Built on the island of Kefalonia, Greece, Regina Dell’ Acqua Hotel offers the experience of Kefalonias’ natural beauty combined with the exclusiveness of a 5 star hotel. Refreshing, sunny blue beaches and rare mountain landscapes will impress even the most demanding visitor.

Regina Dell’ Acqua Hotel caters to your every need: Offering Mediterranean cuisine and traditional meals at her own in-hotel restaurant, the Amethyst Hippocampus Restaurant, hosting your wedding reception by the pool and organizing conferences at the Conference Center.

For holiday vacations, receptions or business events, the 5 star Regina Dell’ Acqua Hotel, Skala Kefalonia, Greece, has only the best to offer.

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